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Zultanite; Ever Changing


Changing Colors: Pink, Khaki, Green Found in: Turkey Chakras represented: Heart, Root, Solar Plexus Element: Earth Only found in one place in the world, Zultanite is mined in Turkey’s remote Anatolian Mountains, 4,000 feet above sea level. Anatolia, which means ‘sunrise’ in ancient Greek, is blessed with beautifully majestic landscapes that perfectly complement this extraordinary gemstone.

Amazingly beautiful, astonishingly durable with a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, Zultanite is an exotic single mine gemstone and extraordinarily rare Turkish treasure. However, the gem’s rarity is not just dictated by its natural scarcity. Only 50 percent of all Zultanite® mined is suitable for faceting and up to 98 percent of the raw crystals are lost during the cutting, or lapidary, process.

Zultanite also exhibits rich khaki greens, sage greens, salmon pinks, mesmerizing violet champagnes and vivid gingers. Its gorgeous kiwi greens with yellow flashes are strongest under daylight, while artificial lighting brings out the rich tones of champagne, pink and raspberry. Why does Zultanite change color? Most scientists agree that manganese impurities are the cause of Zultanite’s color change. Internally, the more complicated reason for the color change has to do with light passing through the stone and splitting into different colors. 

Not only does Zultanite change colors under different types of lighting (e.g. fluorescent lighting, candlelight, incandescent light), but it’s also pleochroic. That means you’ll see different colors by simply turning the stone to view it at different angles under direct light.

Like most pink gemstones, Zultanite can function as a chakra stone for the heart, promoting self-love, compassion, and acceptance. It also can provide grounding, good fortune, and balance like other green gemstones. Plus, Zultanite has the benefits of yellow gems, offering joy and wisdom. Zultanite crystals are said to promote mental clarity, help clear stress, forgetfulness, and distractedness. It’s a focus-boosting and anxiety-reducing crystal often recommended for students, especially during intense periods of life and study. A Zultanite affirmation: I welcome change in my life with open arms, knowing I am safe and all is well. I absolutely fell in love with this stone the first time I touched it; now it's my favorite gem of all! xo,



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