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Artist Statement

I consider myself an intuitive painter, as the intricate process of my artwork is directed by the organic flow and physically fluid layering of the work itself. When I allow the present moment to be my guide without judgment, and sit instead with curiosity and surrender, the uncharted path opens wide for me to explore the fringe area between the botanical elements of Earth, the sky and beyond, in relation to our human experience. My collections assimilate a bold and brilliant aesthetic, dictated by color, imagination, emotion, and embody an illusionistic quality as they forgo the definition of what our earth should and should not be, and how we care for it.

Working with subtle abstraction allows me to explore the boundaries between positive and nega
tive space, the use of unusual textures and the mixing of different media. I work with a variety of materials, encompassing nearly everything I can get my hands on; Oil and acrylic paint, natural pigments and crushed crystals, handmade papers and fabrics. Anything that provides a tangible layer of intrigue will find its way into a scene.

Building from layer upon layer of media, the shapes and organic nature of the pieces start to grow; leaves, coins, dried flowers, pebbles, sometimes hidden and providing support: roots. Other textures are derived from reflective and precious items like gemstones, shells, leaves, fabric, feathers and old love letters.

As an artist, I am constantly searching for innovative avenues to express myself with materials. This endeavor not only enables me to create artworks that are unique and curious, but also enhances my resolution and resourcefulness in trying things that are always new. I do not reproduce my work in any capacity, as I believe the stories behind each piece are personal and exclusive to the viewer.

The lush flora and fauna that surround us serve as an invitation to savor this one short life in its bright and dark beauty, and a way to view and experience from the outside the eternal process of birth, life, and death; cyclical.

It is my desire that every piece of art I create will portray the abundant light and energy that is given to us by the beauty of our precious planet. I believe that finding joy and shared connections in art can enlighten, deepen and ultimately enrich our relationships with each other, finding common grounds. My aspiration is that my art will contribute to the process of humans finding more contentment in this life, greater joy in the small beauties, added understanding of each other, and a grateful appreciation of our temporary time on this planet.

Ashley Rose

The Process

"When I allow the present moment to be my guide without judgment, and instead sit with curiosity and surrender, the uncharted path opens wide for me."

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