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Ashley Rose grew up a farm girl on the coast of Northern California's temperate and lush dairy country. A young life in the outdoors surrounded by animals and verdant landscapes left an indelible mark on her creative mind. Always one to eschew processes, formulas, and the expectations of others, Ashley dove headfirst at an early age into a lifestyle immersed in the creative arts. For nearly two decades, she has been the owner and designer of California-based women's jewelry line Ashley Rose Designs, where she melds natural gemstones, crystals, and fine metals into wearable art.

A lifetime of adorning the body with creative intention has led to a complete devotion to the arts; Ashley’s  journey into multi-media painting sprang many years ago from the ever-evolving creative process that is her daily exploration. Ashleys' studies are inspired by natural flora, and the feelings of power and balance instilled by the natural world. In her willingness to accept the ruling of Mother Nature, she captures our collective human smallness in letting go of abstract desires to control. In finding acceptance, it’s this playful sense of wild beauty that brings intuitive growth and manipulation to her layered paintings and invites her use of tactile elements such as crushed ruby and emerald chips, dried flowers, handmade papers and fabric; Acrylic and oil paints simply aren’t enough. 

Ashley found an eager audience for the attitude and bright optimism of her paintings after opening a private retail gallery in Humboldt County. Since then, she has devoted an increasing amount of her professional and creative resources to nourishing both herself and those who share her eager curiosity of Earth's small outbursts. Her love for the elements and all things root, wand, petal and leaf, coupled with the need to live a life of discovery are the impetus behind her creations, and the reason no other kind of life will suit her.

The symbols you see in the back or foreground of Ashley’s works are an ancient cosmic form of channeling called Light Language; these encoded frequencies, or “lightcodes” carry the energetic imprint of higher vibrational states of being like abundance, prosperity, forgiveness, openness and surrender.

When channeled into physical form, these symbols have the power to hold their charge for a lifetime, bless and energize your space, and impact your personal energetic field and DNA structures to align with these frequencies. Embedded lightcodes are organic and often formless keys of energetic information that Ashley builds into her pieces to engage the spiritual and energetic body of the viewer, in addition to the mental, physical, and emotional senses that normally receive artwork.

Like You, There's Only One

Ashley Rose artworks are all originals; mixed media creations on wood or archival cotton paper. No reproductions are ever created of a singularly individual piece.

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