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October Birthstone - Opal & Tourmaline

Birthstones are gemstones that harmonize with calendar months or zodiac signs to help balance, enhance and support specific energies.


Colors: White or Black, with fire. Usually found in: Brazil, Guatemala, Australia, Nevada (USA) Chakras represented: All Element: Water Opal is a hydrated silica material with a hardness of 5.5-6.5. Though the element represented by this stone is water, opals actually don't like to be submerged in water; it dulls their shine. Opals carry "magic fire" or "holy fire" which is a name for the intense silica spheres that are packed densely in the stone formations to create light diffraction that causes the stones to shimmer and look like lightning flashes! Opals have always been linked to good luck and hope. Some Australians believe that a gigantic Opal governs the stars, love between humans, and gold mines.

Precious opals will bring to the surface and amplify any emotional issues and old patterns that need to be addressed and cleared away, The "fire" of the opal is a great cleanser and energetic boost to leave unsatisfactory habits in the past. An Opal affirmation: I become aware of my emotions and their sources, and I release them into the Light. Pink Tourmaline

Colors: Pink Usually found in: Brazil, Afghanistan, Africa, California (USA) Chakra represented: Heart Element: Water

Pink tourmaline varies widely in it's hue, reaching from light pink to dark red, as well as it's clarity: transparent or clear. This is a powerful heart stone, and many collectors of gems and minerals prize their Pink Tourmaline for it's effervescent vibration.

Pink Tourmaline supports emotional healing and the activation of the heart chakra. It stimulates feelings of joy, happiness and relaxation. Due to the high lithium content in Tourmaline, it is a powerful calming stone that can soothe the emotions and the physical body.

When partnered with Black tourmaline, it is a stone that's great for stress relief as well. Pink Tourmaline's gentle, loving energy also makes it wonderful for sensitive children. A Pink Tourmaline affirmation: My heart is healed and whole, and I radiate love. I love all Tourmaline colors, but I think brilliant pink might just be the most breathtaking. xo,


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I love my opal earrings 💕

And Tourmaline is one of my favorites too, because of the variety in colors. Each piece is different, yet all are so beautiful 🤗💖

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