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You are a Magical Being...

 Energy is the root of all existence, from the stars and planets in our galaxy, to the life that populates it, all the way down to the atoms that humans are all composed of. Energy links you to every other thing in the Universe.

Within each of us is access to our direct connection to the Highest realm, the wisdom of our soul, the space of the divine.


Through our divine connection to Spirit, and to our deep intelligence, we are able to tap into and bring forward our souls intuitive knowing, and translate it into clear and tangible guidance that will allow us to thrive and expand in his human experience.

and Your own Best Healer.

Ashley Rose has spent several decades training in the areas of Psychic Development, Channeling, Energy Healing, Meditation and Counseling. For those seeking to take a less didactic and more holistic look inside themselves, join Ashley in her relaxed and comfortable studio setting for an interactive, conversational healing session; one free of the "normal" pressures that draw our focus away from our own spirits, and one that is free of the energy harvest and distraction of the modern world.

Your physical body reflects your inner  emotional state, and your emotional state is reflected outward in your physical body. During a session, we begin to open this untouched and infinite realm of your magic and healing capabilities within, discovering the importance and freeing nature of what our society often seeks to veil:
The human heart and spirit.

Soul Therapy addresses a deeper level of emotional healing through methods such as: inner child work, hypnosis, and visualization techniques—used to access unconscious material that may be blocking current life experiences, prosperity, and well-being.

Ashley Rose is a mirror in which you will be guided to see the forgotten parts of ourselves, uncovering answers to those questions that have resided thus far just under the surface of what our 3D consciousness will allow us to see.



If you are seeking, there is healing to be found, and you are welcome in this space.