You are a Magical Being

 Energy is the root of all existence, from the stars and planets in our galaxy, to the life that populates it, all the way down to the atoms we are all composed of. Energy links you to every other thing in the Universe.

Within each of us is a line that is our direct connection to the Highest realm, the wisdom of our soul, the space of the divine.


Through our divine connection to Spirit, the Akasha and to our deep knowing, we are able to tap into and bring forward our souls intuitive knowing, and translate it into clear and tangible guidance that will allow us to thrive and expand in his human experience.

What are the Akasha?

The Akasha is a dimensional field of energetic consciousness that retains a vibrational imprint of every thought, emotion, word and action of every Soul who has ever lived. These imprints are the Akashic Records.
Accessing the Akashic Records re-activates a timeless connection to your deepest knowing and soul-level awareness, allowing you to become fully whole within your authenticity and reminding you of who you are. Accessing your Records can provide answers, comfort, healing and peace, and I offer private readings to help others gain clarity on the matters that elude them.

What is a Reading?

Input and Output

Readings are generally client directed and begin with a short grounding meditation. Ashley will then channel answers to your questions, as well as insight and guidance from  your team.  Topics that are commonly explored are relationships, repeating behaviors and circumstances, disempowering patterns and blocks.

What to Expect

Ashley opens the information channel with a prayer  and receives answers and information from  angels, ancestors, loved ones, spirit  guides and celestial beings of the highest intention. Crystals, pendulums, tarot cards and muscle testing are modalities Ashley uses for divination, and allows the session to be spirit-led.


In this space of awareness, available to you is an infinite resource of information on your past lives, present life and future possibilities, based on choices you make in the Now moment.
Allow the information to sit with your higher knowledge, and witness the feelings that arise in your energetic and physical body.


When uncovering blocks or traumas from a past or present life, your team will always provide a technique or ritual that can be used to release energy and heal, so you can move forward onto your highest timeline. Through breathing, tapping, prayer,  installation and release, you will be gifted the option to chose clarity and peace as you integrate healing.