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All the Crystal Colors of the Rainbow

Crystals and their connection to color fundamentals

Color is inherently connected to health and well being; are you connecting with it?

Think of the difference you feel in your body and mind in a brightly lit, joyfully colored room, as opposed to a dark, windowless area with gray walls, ceiling, and no direct sunlight, or the colors of the clothes you know you like to wear; Knowing about the hues you can see in the visible light spectrum, and the chakras (energy centers) in your body that correspond with them, will allow you to make crystal choices depending on what emotions you want to feel, manifest and connect with in your life.

Seven color crystals for Seven in-body chakras-- but you have MANY more chakras than that!

We'll get deeper into the specific crystals that align with these colors and chakras in later posts, but for now, lets learn some basics: Black (Root chakra) Protection, grounding, stabilization, detoxing, shadow work. Clarity, inner strength, new beginnings and releasing grief.

Brown (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus chakra) Stabilizing, grounding, balance. Slow and steady growth, adaptability. Connecting to nature and its cycles. Red (Root, Sacral chakra) Passion, physical energy, assertiveness. Courage, strength, grounding and standing up for yourself. Fertility, sexuality, releasing trauma and pain. Orange (Sacral, Solar Plexus chakra)

Manifestation and creative fire, Collaboration, energy, stamina, self-esteem. Health, abundance, fertility, sexuality, courage, and releasing sexual trauma.

Yellow/Gold (Solar Plexus chakra)

Confidence, purpose, creativity, abundance. Entrepreneurial energy, ambition, concentration, happiness, optimism, joy.

Pink (Heart chakra) Love, compassion, friendship, comfort, kindness, heart healing, divine feminine, motherhood, sisterhood. Peace and calm. Green (Heart chakra) Heart healing, connecting to nature and Mother Earth,. Fairies, magical realms. Wellness, fertility, luck, abundance, friendship, growth, re-balance. Connecting mind and body. Blue (Throat and 3rd Eye chakra) Self-expression, creativity. Speaking your truth, connecting to your intuition and the angel realm. Patience, forgiveness, serenity. Cooling, calming; water and air magic. Purple (Crown Chakra) Spiritual growth, connection to highers self. Spiritual service to others. Leadership. Psychic intuition, individuality. Dream state connections and realizations. Clear/White/Silver (3rd Eye, Crown chakra)

Energy cleansing, detox, protection, Connecting to the angelic realm, moon magic. Lck and intuition, balancing and neutralizing. Clarity and inner transformation. Rainbows (All chakras)

Joy, playfulness, abundance, creativity, self-expression. Confidence, fun, childlike wonder.

What colors do you connect with most, and which colors do you wish to connect with more? Which qualities do you want to invite more of into your life? Make a statement of your intentions with how you adorn yourself in the physical world!

xo, ar


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