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What are Crystals, Anyway?

Crystals are structures that form when organic matter is exposed to a geological event, usually involving fire or water. Crystals are unique in nature for their perfectly repeating molecular structure, which makes them able to transmit energy, almost like a computer chip. Crystals are limitless, earth-created energy miracles, emitting radiant vibrations and can perform transformational magic when used with the proper intentions.

Though sometimes used interchangeably, there is a difference between the terms crystals, rocks, minerals and gemstones. Crystals are minerals in visible crystalized form, meaning they show faceted, repeating geometric patterns. Minerals are formed from only one chemical composition. Rocks are grains of multiple minerals fused together into one specimen. Gemstones are minerals or rocks strong enough to be cut and polished, generally for jewelry making.


For the most part, I choose to work with faceted, polished, rough crystals in my jewelry designs. They usually come in beautiful strands, variegated in color and size. They are often cut and mined by the same families, and I prefer to work with small family businesses that respect the earth and her offerings, and are paid a fair wage for the wares they produce.

Purchasing crystals and stones in this way means that I don't always have access to the same types of beads and pendants, and they never look exactly the same; cheers to originality! (It also means that if you see something you like that I've created, there will never be another one just like it.)

Natural Tourmaline Beads

What form of crystal, rock or mineral do you prefer to wear, collect, and connect with?




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