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Strawhouse Resorts Mural

There aren't too many places I find more relaxing and inspiring than the Strawhouse. Located on the beautiful Trinity River and surrounded by the Trinity Wilderness Area, Strawhouse Resorts is a truly stunning place to relax, stop in for a bite, or even stay overnight. Owners Don and Julia have turned the spot into a magnificent resort that has kept all the natural charm while providing every amenity for visiting guests. They often host weddings and parties on their riverfront property, and recently added an ADA friendly bathroom and a wall to cover the bathroom entrances. Since the Strawhouse is bright yellow and surrounded by colorful flora, it only made sense to throw a mural on the wall. Right?

In September 2019, Don and Julia commissioned me to paint the mural that would brighten the restroom space- It was to be seven feet tall and twelve feet wide! Officially my largest work to date. :D A piece that big was simply going to have to be a triptych, I decided; three matching pieces.

The garage became my new studio!

I spent days and weeks and minutes and hours adding layer after layer to this monster; I wanted to really bring the "happy" I receive from the Strawhouse into my mural. I used some local stones and abalone shell glitter as accents, and even Trinity River gold flakes.

Once I had finally decided it was done (and just in time too, two days before Don & Julia left for Italy...) I packed the gal up in three HUGE, heavy pieces of massive art, and drove her to Trinity County. It was about 110 degrees on the day in September that I delivered the pieces; sweat, tears, stubbed toes and a well earned hard-cider marked the completion and install of this monster beauty of sunshine and sparkle.

Next time you're driving Highway 299, stop by the Strawhouse and have a Strawberry smoothie, or any of their Humboldt Cider Company treats, and peep the mural. :D

It really is my favorite spot.




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