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Moon Magic

Ask the moon, thank the sun, wish upon the stars.

An ever-curious creative with a million passions, I am a lover and student of the moon, sun, stars and cycles of our known and unknown universe. I have been an "artist" and creator all of my life, obsessed with the seen and unseen energies that govern our world. While having a respectful relationship with the earth, and reverence of the stars, my desire to make art and jewelry that reflects these interests has grown immensely over the years. Recently, I've been making thing after thing after thing that reflects my lunar and celestial desires, and the stardust within us all.

Moon Unit I (sold)

Moon Unit II (sold)

Moon Unit III (sold)

Moon Unit IV

A sprinkle of Moondust

Do you ever find yourself getting lost, staring at the stars in the night sky? I highly recommend it. xo,


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03 mar 2022

Beautiful, thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings through your art/jewelry 🤗💖

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