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Ink People Artist Challenge Show 2020

Each year, the Ink People members are invited to create 15 original works of art over the course of November, culminating in a giant “off the wall” benefit sale just in time for the holiday season in December. This year boasted the most participants ever, culminating in over 300 pieces of art, with some artists selling out completely!


Here's a quick snap of all the pieces at the Brenda Tuxford Gallery in Eureka:

I know it's not good juju to have favorite children, but I enjoyed this piece this most from the bunch-the ground rose quartz near the bottom added a delicious sharpness and sweetness that I really liked.

I actually found it challenging and fun to be limited by a deadline, canvas size, number of pieces, but I wouldn't want to make a habit out of it! My creativity felt a little crushed toward the end when my focus was "finishing" rather than feeling it out and letting the painting direct me.

Maybe I'll participate next year also, now that I know what to expect!


- ar


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