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Indira: Means "beauty" in Sanskrit.

Quartz is exceptional at healing by accessing all of the in-body chakras, which is why it’s called the “master healer.” Quartz also amplifies the healing properties of other crystals, and is adept at absorbing and clearing away negative energies.

A crystal that is excellent for grounding, Smoky Quartz helps in relieving tension, angst, or despair. Because of its darker color, the Smoky Quartz crystal healing properties are well-suited to removing negative energy or unwanted energy. Known as the ‘Stone of Power,’ Smoky Quartz is the national gem of Scotland.

A “stone of good fortune”, Imperial Topaz has been credited with bringing prosperity and abundance to the wearer. Imperial Topaz is supportive of visualization, manifestation, creativity and generosity, which will attract prosperity into one's life. Imperial Topaz facilitates strengthening of the personal will, as long as it is aligned with the highest good. Connecting with Imperial Topaz can assist us in synchronizing our thoughts and actions with intention, to help with the manifestation of our desires and goals.

Smoky Quartz
Imperial Topaz

Gold Filled or Sterling Components

3" Length

Handmade with intention in Humboldt County, California

Indira Smoky

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