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All is One (Let's Start Here)

Friends, I am thrilled to welcome you to my new website (and blog!)

I've been working for a bit on my interweb presence to incorporate all the facets of my art and jewelry into a hub of authentic creativity that will flourish and support my intentions.

I am passionate about a lot of things; You must know this if you’ve been following my work for any amount of time. I have dreams and hobbies and interests that light my soul on fire and constantly push me into greater learning and creativity. It’s only been recently that I’ve recognized that I was slicing those elements of myself apart and compartmentalizing each desire because of the words “should” and “need”, and the burdens I placed on myself from societal expectations.

A jeweler can’t paint, right?

A painter can’t have a wholesale business. You should be at home with the kids.

You should get a “regular” job. Are you making enough money? ...It's good exposure!

For many years I tried to be in control of everything. I obsessed about small stuff, the need to “do this” and “do that” before I could let go and create. Nothing could be successful unless I tweaked and freaked it into exactly my vision of a perfect business, which had been created by listening to the fears of others and taking their insecurities as my own.

How many wholesale accounts do I need to be “making it”?

I must to say yes to every client, every customer.

I must make what Fast Fashion is calling for to stay relevant.

I'm not posting enough on Facebook!

I tried to force the outcomes I wanted, and I worked hard to make sure things happened on my schedule. As a result, I was overworked, stressed and blocking my creative energy. Not to mention just plain angry. Where’s the fun in making 200 pairs of earrings you don’t feel good about? It took me a bit but I realized: This is not how I want to be living my live.

There’s not a lot of good juju in art that isn’t being created with positive intention, and I desire to create pieces full of love and happy feelings.

Making jewelry for over 20 years has led me down other artistic avenues, into mediums and disciplines I would never have guessed I would enjoy as much as I do, but the openness of allowing instead of forcing is illuminating and humbling.

An artist is an artist; the desire to create knows no bounds and can’t be tethered by the limits of self-doubt or fear; unless you let it. That’s the freedom I’m finding in embracing the light and sparkle that comes from letting my artistic desires just be whatever they want to be. Yesterday, a crystal window prism; a painting today, two pairs of amethyst and diamond earrings tomorrow, gemstone essence essential oils next week. Public art, murals, jewelry, and one-of-a-kind embodiments of true expression;

I’m allowing the universe to work through me and my art to create the space I’ve always craved, with no limits or labels or anyone else’s expectations. You can too. With Love, ashley rose

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03 mar 2022

You are a beautiful soul, thank you for sharing your story, your love of art, life and all things beautiful 💖

Me gusta
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