About Ashley Rose Designs

Know What You Wear


Each piece is handmade, start to finish, by Ashley Rose in her California studio. Her passion for jewelry is more than the product; the process of creation is her zen, her mind, her peace. The designs, the crystals, the metal, and the finished project that will adorn a beautiful soul is what sets her soul on fire, and sends her to her pliers every day.


Ashley works directly with metalsmiths, mineral collectors and international artists to gather eco-friendly, cruelty and conflict free gems, crystals, and findings. 
Not only does she use recycled copper, gold and silver in her pieces, but she also works with reclaimed materials in her studio and incorporates converted shipping and packaging materials to create each  gift box. 

Organic Design

Mass production is easy, and it's everywhere; but why look like everyone else, when you can look like YOU? 

Ashley Rose creates jewelry inspired by her materials, landscapes,  colors, flowers, trees, and sometimes simple bokeh photography. She designs in small quantities to embrace originality, keep her design palate fresh, and grow her work as an artist.

For these reasons, and to protect the integrity of her original designs, Ashley Rose doesn't utilize social media networking tools. 


Whether its a jewelry present for for a friend, or a little bit of "treat yo self" with a side of sparkle, it's always fun to open a gift! Ashley Rose takes pride and consideration in creating individual gift boxes and beautiful packaging, because anything worth doing is worth doing well...

and because you deserve it. 

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