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As the stars and moon fades, the morning sunrise is never the same shade.

The name Sapphire comes from the French term “saphir”, the Latin term “sapphirus” and the Greek term “sappheiros”, All of which means “blue stone”. The name Sapphire is also derived from the crystal’s connection with the planet Saturn. Sapphires can help free you from self-imposed limitations and defeating beliefs, while helping you to achieve clarity in choosing a path forward and upward.

Garnet is dubbed as the stone of dedication - which is highly beneficial in fostering your emotions. Associated with the Root Chakra and grounding abilities, garnet is a wonderful stone to bring your settled emotions down to earth. The Garnet is the traditional zodiac stone for the first sign of Aries and lends itself well to bringing strength of the soul and a courageous heart to the table.

Quartz is exceptional at healing by accessing all of the in-body chakras, which is why it’s called the “master healer.” Quartz also amplifies the healing properties of other crystals, and is adept at absorbing and clearing away negative energies.

Tundra Sapphire

Gold Filled or Sterling Components

2.5" Length

Handmade with intention in Humboldt County, California

Sapphire Sunrise

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