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Sometimes, a tiny morsel is more than enough.

Named after the Amazon River, Amazonite represents a balance between masculine and feminine energy. The Amazon river is named after the women warriors of the Amazon, who worshiped the moon goddess Diana. They were a race of fierce warrior women formed into a matriarchal society, whom no man dared challenge! Hence, Amazonite is considered as a symbol of balance between masculine aggression and feminine values, promoting kindness and practicality. Pacification is one of the highest regarded properties of this stone; It seeks to soothe the mind and calm the disposition by dispelling negative energies and easing anxiety. It is believed to dissolve grief and fear, and is considered an excellent charm to relax the brain and nervous system.

Gold Filled or Sterling Silver Components
1" Length

Handmade with intention in Humboldt County, California

Mini Morsel Amazonite

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