Ashley Rose Designs originated in 2004 in Humboldt County, California. A self-taught jewelry artist with 20 years at the bench, Ashley Rose wholesales her designs to curated shops, and travels to fine art festivals around the Pacific Northwest.

Using only the finest materials, Ashley is inspired by the colors, facets, shapes and textures of her stones and metals. Some pieces made with Aventurine, Quartz and Abalone, while others boast Swarovski crystals, Herkimer diamonds, Green Amethyst and Aquamarine.

Each design is made to order, specifically for each customer;
you just know when it’s the one for you.

Over the years, through growth brought by time and tragedy, her jewelry designs have moved from an arc of common comfort to pieces that speak art, ask questions, and move with rhythm;
Ever evolving.

©2019 Ashley Rose Designs

California, United States